WIC Program Patient Scheduling Solutions

Multi-function enterprise scheduling for healthcare. Improving Customer Service, Increasing Compliance, Improving Outcomes
The system provides robust calendaring solution that allows district and individual locations to quickly manage appointment and class scheduling activities for WIC programs. Manage appointments, tracking, alerts, arrivals and reporting all in one system.

Key WIC Program Features

  • Appointment Types

    EZappt includes support for administrator managed service types. Create and manage scheduling for; Certification Classes, Issuances, Formula Visits, Mid-point Evaluations, Required Blood Work, Dietician appointments and others.

  • Alerts

    Alerts can be set for staff and for client notifications. Automatic alerts are may be sent for new appointments, any scheduling change, current flags and as a regular reminder system.

  • Client Tracking

    You may track visit notes via our template based system. You may also manage documents, flag and categorize clients, automate follow up appointments and set alerts.

  • Client Notification

    Improve compliance by keeping clients notified of appointments made, upcoming appointments and any scheduling change via email, SMS text or automated voice.

  • Client Flagging

    Support for definable client flags and alerts such as; minors, high risk, documentation needed, and multiple family members.

  • Nutritional Product Tracking

    Track formula types as well as other products given or recommended. Tracking for expiration dates.

  • Role Based Staff Assignments

    Create and manage staff role types and manage system access for roles such as; dieticians, providers, counselors, call center staff, managers at local clinic and district levels.

  • Districts and Locations

    EZappt allows for districts or agencies, locations and definable areas within locations. You may also employ resource scheduling for complex needs.

  • Dashboard

    A comprehensive view of the live scheduling and arrival activity at; individual locations, by agency or enterprise wide.

Improving WIC Outcomes

Improving access to service and increasing compliance leads to improved outcomes. Now mom is instantly notified of any change to the schedule by an automated alert system. The alerts may be sent to mom by email, text message and/or automated voice call. Improving WIC appointment communications lowers "no-show" rates, and improves outcomes.

Patient self scheduling management system.

Improving Service for Mom
The system has a client portal for busy moms to manage their own schedule online, and receive automated alerts. They may view their scheduling history and access documents authorized by the program. When mom arrives at the office, advanced round robin queuing lowers her wait time. She can be alerted to availability through digital signage, kiosks, and text messaging.

Increasing WIC Program Compliance
The system provides for identification and reporting on no-shows and reschedules. The EZappt system tracks the mom and family from the first contact through the final contact. Staff has easy access to quickly identify patients who are scheduling, rescheduling and those establishing patterns of non-compliance.

Our Technology
EZappt's robust .NET enterprise grade appointment and event software is 100% web-based, 99.6% uptime guaranteed, meaning you can use it anytime, anywhere there is Internet access.

Usability and Performance
The EZappt system is built for speed; it allows users to quickly and easily perform common tasks. Locating a client, searching locations for availability and booking an appointment can commonly be accomplished in under 30 seconds. Tasks such as finding a current appointment and rescheduling, check-in and check-out also typically can be accomplished in under 30 seconds.

Contact your EZappt WIC Program specialist by reaching us at WIC@ezappt.com or by calling 888-709-2778.

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