Corporate Wellness Program Management Software

EZappt customized software systems for managing and administering corporate wellness programs.

For healthcare companies conducting group or corporate wellness exams, risk assessments, or health fairs, EZams Healthcare Suite provides a HIPAA compliant, web based appointment scheduling and tracking solution. The EZappt online appointment scheduler acts as an appointment scheduling communications hub and control center. All parties have individualized views and manage their own scheduling processes 24/7 online.

For Your Clients; Groups and Organizations

Gone are the days of using inefficient call centers to schedule appointments. Organizations can rest assured knowing that their staff will be spending less time scheduling. Each staff member can easily schedule themselves in less than 2 minutes, reliably, from anywhere 24/7 via your branded online scheduling tool.

Success in managing corporate wellness programs comes from extensive experience.

Managing corporate wellness programs efficiently.

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Wellness Program System

The Leader in Corporate Wellness Scheduling

For 6 years EZappt has been the leader in scheduling management for corporate wellness programs. EZappt software manages corporate wellness programs for many Fortune 500 companies including; Hewlett-Packard, Chrysler, Disney, and Greyhound to mention a few.

For Group and Organization Members

There is no more waiting on hold, only to receive a couple of scheduling choices. Now you simply login to book your own wellness exam. Group members simply register and login to book their reservation. They will receive Microsoft Outlook integrated email confirmations and reminders. If they need to make changes, they simply login to reschedule or edit their registration data.

For You

You have a control panel to set up the available schedule, monitor and manage all scheduling activity throughout the organization, capture useful data, and report on demand. A highly intuitive user interface design allows for quick and efficient navigation, allowing you to rapidly retrieve the data you need.

Impressive ROI; current customers have scheduled as many as 1000 individual appointments per minute. This represents a dramatic savings in time and logistics for you and your client's organization as well.