Tradeshow Online Scheduling Solutions

Tradeshow Scheduling Barriers

Without online appointment scheduling communication barriers block access to appointments.

Your staff, resources and venues are precious commodities that should have no barriers to operating at peak efficiency. When attending a tradeshow key clients need to make appointments with specific members of your sales staff. Your potential customers cannot easily view and interact with the available appointment or event schedule to reserve their time.

Removing Barriers

EZappt online appointment scheduling removes the communication barriers to internal and external appointment scheduling.

EZappt removes appointment scheduling barriers by providing a web based appointment scheduling engine capable of handling thousands of appointments. With EZappt, you can schedule trade show staff, key customer appointments and events, all online interactively with your customers. The EZappt online appointment scheduler acts as an appointment scheduling communications hub and an arrival management tool. EZappt allows all parties to interact and view their schedules 24/7 from anywhere they have internet access.

Tradeshow Appointment System

How EZappt Makes Your Trade Show More Effective.

Several weeks before your trade show you schedule staff to be available for various tasks including key customer acquisition and event attendance. With EZappt, you can send key customers a link to book an appointment with their representative from your company. They may also book any events you care to host at the trade show. EZappt allows sales staff availability and event booking to be visible and accessible to your clients, and it gives you a management tool to monitor and control scheduling activities.

Scheduling Key Customers Appointments at Trade Shows

You can send email invitations, or other promotions, to key clients allowing them to choose their specific time and book a sales appointment with your staff. After booking their time, your key client receives a Microsoft Outlook integrated email conformation and an email reminder just prior to the appointment. Your sales staff is booked consistently, you monitor and control all bookings, and your customers get efficient self service scheduling convenience.

Scheduling Events at Trade Shows

If you want to hold a party or special event at your trade show we have the quick and efficient solution for you. Simply set up the event in your scheduler and your clients will be able to register online and receive confirmations and reminders of the event. You may even choose to charge for the event during the booking process.

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