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The EZappt tracking system is a customizable and rapid way to document service encounters, manage client history and documentation. The system gives staff a comprehensive view of the client, their current status and history.

Flexible Documentation

The system comes with an array of tools to see that you are tracking the information you need for each client. Create notes and follow up instructions rapidly with the EZappt template based system, add documents, set alerts assign products, and referrals.

Client History

The EZappt tracking module is a robust system to manage client documentation, rapidly document encounter details, and track client progress. Rapidly view the complete client history in snapshot and drill down views.

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Unique Solutions

To maximize control and management of arriving customers consider a combined scheduling and queuing platform. Combined and customized systems provide improved customer convenience and lower wait times.

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Client Tracking Software

Enterprise Online Documentation Software

The EZappt system includes extensive tracking, allowing for attachment of all types of documents and forms for each appointment and encounter. These attachments may be documents, images, audio/video files, follow up plans, and interactive forms. The system supports template based progress and follow up notes, multiple alerts, problem lists, products, referrals and outside services.

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