Student Arrival Solutions

Check-in, Wait Time Solutions
Manage student arrivals using a variety of tools; online, kiosk, and card reader, waiting room and back office digital displays. Notify students and staff by email, text and desktop. Affordably provide the best user experience for students and staff.
Kiosk and Card Swipe Check-in
Student check-in by tablet based kiosk, or card swipe.
Remote Wait Times
Let walk-in students view live wait times at one or multiple locations.
Remote Queuing
Give students online updates on their wait status and notify them when they can be seen.
Waiting Room Displays
Customized video displays for wait time and check-in instructions.
Back Office Display
A display for supervisors and staff to view local, regional and global live activity.
Appointments and Events
Deploy one on one appointments and events with multiple participants.
Confirmation and reminder messages delivered by email, text or mobile app.
Custom Workflows
EZappt supports multiple and custom workflows to modernize your business without changing business operations.
Get quick access to the data you need or export to your favorite reporting system.


Design Your Student Experience

Design the student experience you want to deliver, or let us do it for you. Employ your choice of scheduling, walk-in, and queuing, tools to deliver that experience that sets your institution apart.

The EZams Campus Suite manages scheduling, tracking, and queuing needs, campus wide. Other education solutions include;

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