Scheduling and tracking solutions especially for use in higher education. The EZams Campus Suite provides a single solution for managing scheduling, queuing and documentation for use in academic advising, enrollment, tutoring, campus tours and other student services.


The EZams Healthcare Suite provides HIPAA compliant online scheduling for WIC program management, corporate wellness programs, out-patient clinics and diagnostic services. By leveraging our API and professional services the system can provide seamless scheduling by thrid party systems.


Self service online scheduling, customer flow management and reporting solutions are served by the EZams Government Suite. We have specialized solutions for social services, corrections, as well as client self service scheduling solutions for multiple departments.

Unique Solutions

EZappt’s robust and flexible software allows creation of customized solutions that address the most complex scheduling, tracking and queuing needs. EZappt Suite products and unique solutions may be securely hosted by EZappt or may be installed on your organizations infrastructure.

Specialized Solutions

Student services scheduling software and queuing software suite.
The Campus Suite is a universal online appointment, tracking and queuing system tailored for student services needs in higher education.
Healthcare scheduling and queuing solutions software suite.
The EZams Healthcare Suite provides HIPAA compliant scheduling, tracking and alerts for organizations of all sizes.
Enterprise scheduling, tracking and queuing suite.
Online scheduling, e-commerce and queuing solutions for special purpose businesses in retail, consulting and client services.
High volume online scheduling and advanced customer queuing solutions.
The EZams Government Suite manages high demand complex scheduling, tracking, assignments and queuing for multi-district, multi-location organizations.
Appointment management software for unique needs.
EZams Suites provide specialized systems for unique scheduling needs.


Administrators and managers have full view of the schedule to evaluate performance and effectiveness of appointment scheduling processes. They can view and manage the scheduling process 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Staff / Clients / Resources / Vendors / Departments
Locations / Interviews / Equipment / Consultants /
Meetings / Conference Rooms