Multi-function enterprise scheduling for healthcare.

Enterprise Scheduling Software - Hosted GSA N100a

EZappt’s appointment management software (AMS) provides an enterprise grade solution allowing organizations to manage high volumes of appointments efficiently while improving client convenience and information delivery. EZappt utilizes our robust appointment scheduling engine to provide customized, turnkey solutions to organizations.

N100A Version

The N100A version of EZappt software is a fully hosted solution on your organization's infrastructure. EZappt also offers installed versions that removes the need for managing your servers. The N100A version is priced by the number of offices or service locations utilized by the organization. Billing is simplified by allowing the organization to simply pay a set fee for each office or service location.

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GSA schedule holder for online appointment scheduling software. Contract number GS-35F-0668W

Online Appointment Management

See examples of EZappt's AMS at work;

Efficiently managing round robin style appointments at district and local offices-

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Managing online appointments one on one appointments in large institutions-
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Managing online self service class enrollment and tracking-
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Managing online self service appointments in service provider and healthcare settings.-
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Other AMS Versions

Installed Versions
E100A and E100B
Fully Hosted Versions
N100A , N100B and N100C

Software Customization

The EZappt system is so flexible, we can handle many organizations needs with our standard suite of options. If you need custom development from our base product, EZappt has a cost effective method of planning and implementing new features and functions. To find out how easy it is, just ask one of our representatives; toll free, at 888-709-2778 or order now through GSA Advantage.

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