Small Business Appointment Management System

You have lots of choices, why choose EZappt?

EZappt software costs a little more than other appointment scheduling software. Our software was not constructed to be the cheapest, it was constructed to be the best value to be able to grow and evolve with your company, and provide the best online experience for your clients and your staff.

Built for you

Much like a semi-custom home builder EZappt starts with our robust scheduling engine and makes changes to fit your needs. Your EZappt representative will thoroughly review your business processes and your needs. We develop a written software floor plan for your business; then EZappt will follow the floor plan to create the turnkey product that covers all your needs.

Grows with you

Choosing EZappt software means your organization is using enterprise grade software. EZappt manages online appointment scheduling for government, Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest educational institutions in the US. Choosing EZappt means you?ll never need to change software, no matter how big you grow.

Success in managing corporate wellness programs comes from extensive experience.

Managing small business appointment scheduling conveniently and efficiently.

Small Business Scheduling

Evolves with you

On constant in business is change. Your EZappt solution can be modified to evolve the way your business is evolving. With features like; arrival management, visit tracking, email/text/voice reminders; software integration and other features your EZappt representative can implement the changes and new features you need, when you need them.

Represents you well

EZappt provides you a clean, branded appearance for your customers. A clean look also presents minimal data on each page to reduce customer confusion. EZappt provides multiple types of reminders as well as a client portal where they can track their activity.

So which types of businesses choose EZappt?

Innovative companies in many industries choose EZappt. EZappt has the experience and enterprise grade product to manage your needs now and tomorrow. If you are growing your business you don?t want to waste time choosing one software product now, only to later realize that you need a more robust product. Changing software means staff has down time, customers have unfamiliar navigation. Growing businesses choose EZappt.

Contact your EZappt Small Business Specialist to receive a free analysis on taking client management solutions online.