Online appointment scheduling, tracking and queuing software technology.


EZappt utilizes a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) built on the .NET platform. EZappt's design allows for an n-tier system that may be scaled rapidly and is readily accessible to create seamless cross platform solutions.


For staff views we build the system for the advanced user. The goal; let staff users fly through the program to accoplish tasks quickly. For client users we keep the system simple;
the views and choices are simple and straightforward.


Your EZappt professional services team can manage or assist with any software integrations. We make use of our service oriented architecture and our API to facilitate integrations to new systems. We support Single Sign On (SSO) services in multiple platforms.


To provide the highest levels of customization and enhanced security EZappt operates using software as a product. Each customer operates from their own instance of the software and their individual database.

EZappt Software Technology

Delivery Platforms
EZappt software is delivered through most any browser, including mobile and mobile apps. Create custom or hybrid solutions with our REST API.
The system is available as a turnkey fully hosted system, or an installed solution on your infrastructure.
HIPAA, FERPA Compliance
The EZams Healthcare Suite maintains HIPAA compliance for secure managing of patient records. The EZams Campus Suite meets all FERPA security standards for holding student records securely.
Low Cost of Ownership
All EZappt solutions start with the latest versions of the base software. All clients require some set up time to plan and employ all the configurations and graphics needed. By using our base system we lower the total software course
The EZams Enterprise Suites manage high demand, complex scheduling, tracking, and queuing needs. EZams Suites may be delivered online as a secure, fully hosted solution. The system can also be installed on your organizations infrastructure (installed system specifications ).
Staff / Clients / Resources / Vendors / Departments
Locations / Interviews / Equipment / Consultants /
Meetings / Conference Rooms

Section 508 Compliance

EZappt is compliant with Section 508 of the Federal Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility and Compliance Act. Sub-part B, 1194.22 describes 16 rules for web based applications. The client view pages of the EZappt solution are compliant with all 16 rules. Our compliance statement.