Solutions Partner and Reseller Opportunities

EZappt partners with leading technology companies and sales organizations to deliver state of the art online client management systems.

  Solution Partners
Provide software applications and services that compliment and integrate with the EZappt’ scheduling, tracking and queuing software.

  Business Partners
Sell the EZappt solution, and may provide implementation, training and support services.

EZappt is actively seeking reseller and third party application partners for our Software as a Service (SaaS) online registration and scheduling system. For our partners, EZappt represents an attractive, long term, recurring revenue opportunity.

Revenue Models
With our SaaS Subcription offering, EZappt software is sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis. The subscription covers licensing, software maintenance, hosting, and technical support.

With our installed model, EZappt can deploy the EZappt application in the organization’s infrastructure. Generally this model is reserved for larger organizations and governmental applications. For installed software we charge an upfront licensing fee and separate software maintenance fees.

Revenue Sharing Models
EZappt offers 2 models for sharing both up front and recurring revenue.

Referral Program
Referring a client that results in a sale for EZappt earns a one time referral fee as a percentage of first year subscription license fees.

Reseller Program
Active participation in the selling process and a commitment to quarterly client follow up earns a percentage of first year and future year subscription, or licensing and maintenance fees.

Marketing and Sales Support
EZappt will provide electronic sales materials for your use and work with you on marketing campaigns to reach your clients. EZappt is also available to conduct live demonstrations with your clients either online web conference, or in person, depending on the size of the opportunity. As you become familiar with EZappt software, we will provide you with your own company branded demonstration website and offer training for you on conducting live demonstrations.

To receive information on EZappt partnership and reseller opportunities, contact us today.

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