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The EZappt customer flow management system is a robust tool to queue and manage incoming clients, and lower wait times in central reception areas. Staff members have full visibility and control of all client activity.

Manage Arrivals

Manage appointments and walk-ins with priority queuing for staff and clients. Alert clients to availability with your choice of digital signage, kiosks, email and text. Staff has full visibilitiy of live client flow activity throughout the organization.

Assign Resources

The system can automatically assign and alert service staff and resources based on the service type as well as staff or resource qualifications. Service staff and rescources can also be assigned by local managers.

Unique Solutions

To maximize control and management of arriving customers consider a combined scheduling and queuing platform. Combined and customized systems provide improved customer convenience and lower wait times.

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Customer Flow Managment System

Customer Queuing System

The customer flow system works to lower lobby wait times and create an efficient and consistent customer experience. The system works with kiosks, printers, digital signage and alerts via email or text message. All software products are combined in one flexible and scalable application.

Scheduling and queuing for timed speakers.

Contact your EZappt Project Specialist to receive a free custom analysis on taking client managment solutions online.

Managing Client Arrivals

  • Appointments and Walk-ins
  • Online and In-person Registrations
  • Lobby Reception Areas
  • Multiple Reception Points
  • Multiple Services
  • Priority Queuing

Queuing System Works With:

  • Digital Signage LCD/LED Displays
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Printers/Ticket Dispensers
  • Email and SMS Text
  • Automated Voice Calls

Key Queuing Features

  • Automatic Assignment of Clients
  • Round Robin Staff Assignments
  • Automatic Queuing of Clients
  • Live Dashboard Monitor
  • Highly Customizable

Queuing Management Features

  • Local and District Level Management
  • Escalation Alert System
  • View All Service Providers and Clients
  • Standard and Custom Reporting
  • Works with Legacy Systems

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