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If your task or project requires our professional services, we are ready and willing to help you. We provide friendly, qualified EZappt professionals that specialize in results. We can provide specialists to assist you in planning and deploying EZappt to meet your operational needs.


EZappt professionals are available to analyze and report, create full project plans, implement the system, provide initial and ongoing training as needed.

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GSA schedule holder for online appointment scheduling software. Contract number GS-35F-0668W

System Integration

If your solution requires integration of another program with EZappt, our professional services staff is available to handle most integration needs. EZappt currently integrates with many Microsoft programs, Google Calendar, ecommerce and other programs.

Data Conversion

If you would like EZappt to preload or pull data into your new EZappt system, we are happy to help. If you supply us with the relevant data, we can have your new system up and operating without skipping a beat.

Single Sign On

Some organizations require Single Sign On technology, SSO. We have extensive experience with SSO and are happy to tie your EZappt scheduler into your system.

Custom Development

The EZappt system is so flexible, we can handle many organizations needs with our standard suite of options. If you need custom development from our base product, EZappt has a cost effective method of planning and implementing new features and functions. To find out how easy it is, just ask one of our representatives; toll free, anytime at 888-709-2778.

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