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Scheduling Systems

Enterprise online appointment scheduling solutions capable of managing rigorous and complex scheduling needs. Rules based client self scheduling, staff, resource, department and location scheduling. Manage security access for all roles in and outside the organization.

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Queuing Software

Waiting room management, and queuing of clients to available staff and resources. The system includes a round robin auto assignment of staff and resources. Clients may sign in by kiosk, internet and mobile devices. Alert clients to availability via digital signage, voice and text.

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Tracking Software

Robust documentation for all types of information involved in appointments and encounters. The system allows you to create and manage template based progress notes, a client dashboard, document uploading, testing, flagging and multiple methods of categorizing clients.

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Combined Solutions

Combined online scheduling, tracking, and queuing solutions for tailored software solutions to meet business processes. Specific solutions for higher education, healthcare and government.

Create your own solution by contacting your EZappt software specialist.

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Software Products

Scheduling, Tracking and Queuing Software

EZappt delivers enterprise online appointment software, client flow management software (queuing software), and tracking software. All software products are combined in one flexible
and scalable application.

Contact your EZappt Project Specialist to receive a free custom analysis on taking client managment solutions online.

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