Customer Flow Accessories - Kiosks

Built for you

Our association with Phoenix Kiosk allows us to provide high quality, durable kiosks at very attractive prices. Combine our kiosks with EZappt software and you have powerful tools to manage scheduling, and customer flow management.

Additional hardware configurations can be provided for ticketing, vending and health screening stations.

Powder coated metal kiosk.

Our high quality Sliivr kiosk. Pictured with standard features.

High Quality Kiosks

Standard Features
Thin Keyboard Model Free Standing Kiosk with Full Metal Enclosure,19 inch LCD Monitor (1280x1024), Remote Control, Power Strip and Wiring Harness, 2-3.0 Watt Internal Powered Speakers, Powder Coating Finish, color-matched, powder coated steel accent blades and a 1 Year return-to-depot Warranty, No PC.

Also included...
Stainless Steel Keyboard/Trackball: Standard Black TB (keyboard may or may not include CTRL, ALT or DEL keys for security reasons) 19" SAW Touchscreen with Bezel includes interface USB Cable, Controller, and Powder Coating Color of Choice

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