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System Setup Basics

Each organization has different business processes and requirements of the system. The variation in business processes can be significant even among organizations in the same industry. EZappt operates by providing a turnkey, tested system ready for production use.

To address these needs the EZappt scheduling, tracking and queuing system needed to be extremely flexible and offer hundreds of variations from the basic processes. With that in mind EZappt has formalized processes for gathering information in order to have a crystal clear view of your needs.

When an order is placed you will receive a written document covering all the requirements of the system you need. With your approval EZappt will move the project to the implementation phase for deployment and configuration of all the varible functions to meet your needs. We will then finalize any graphical or branding needs prior to the final delivery.

Even though we have been creating scheduling, tracking and queuing systems for 7 years we still come across business process needs that we do not cover "out of the box". In this case we can supply a price quote and timeline for any change to our system. In such a case the order proceeds from the written project plan phase to the development phase before entering the final, implementation phase.

Key Features

Key to the system is supplying seamless client specific views of the scheduling system through your organization's website. Your clients' view of the system allows online registration, online booking for appointments and events. EZappt also provides an organizational view of the system that allows posting of available schedules, a record system to track the activities that occur during the encounter, and administrative functions to manage and report on activity.

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Integrated encounter tracking; flexible and robust
  • Arrival management system, automated queuing
  • Comprehensive role based security

Dynamic reception management, client flow management. EZappt supplies reception wait time solutions, queuing and  online appointment scheduling software.

Moving customers at light speed.

Contact your EZappt Project Specialist to find out how online scheduling, tracking and queuing can provide better, more efficient client management solutions.

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