Government and Enterprise Appointment Scheduling -Customer Flow Management Software - EZappt Government Suite


A universal scheduling system capable of handling the rigorous and complex appointment scheduling needs of larger organizations. Your business rules govern all operations. The system includes integrated queuing, encounter tracking, internal and external alerts and a flexible reporting package.

Enterprise Scheduling

View the live and historical scheduling activity across multiple departments, districts and locations. The system provides for secure client self scheduling and management, resource scheduling, third party management, arrival management, alerts, extensive tracking, auditing and reporting.

Queuing & Tracking

The EZappt queuing system lowers lobby wait times providing an effective customer flow management system. The queuing system supports kiosks, digital signage and an alert system. The tracking system offers document management and template based documentation.

Unique Solutions

EZappt's robust and flexible software allows us to provide customized solutions that address the most complex scheduling, tracking and queuing needs. EZappt Suite products and unique solutions may be securely hosted by EZappt or may be installed on your organizations infrastructure.

Specialized Solutions

The Campus Suite is a universal online appointment, tracking and queuing system tailored for student services needs in higher education.
The EZams Healthcare Suite provides HIPAA compliant scheduling, tracking and alerts for organizations of all sizes.
Online scheduling, e-commerce and queuing solutions for special purpose businesses in retail, consulting and client services.
GSA schedule holder for online appointment scheduling software. Contract number GS-35F-0668W

GSA Scheduling Solutions

Installed Versions
Solutions installed on your infrastructure priced by location E100A, and by the number of resources or service providers E100B.

Secure Hosted Versions
Solutions securely hosted in our state of the art data centers, priced by number of locations N100A ,number of resources or service providers N100B and by the number of appointments N100C.

Keeping everyone on the same calendar.


Administrators and managers have full view of the schedule to evaluate performance and effectiveness of appointment scheduling processes. They can view and manage the scheduling process 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Staff / Clients / Resources / Vendors / Departments
Locations / Interviews / Equipment / Consultants /
Meetings / Conference Rooms