Does EZappt allow us to enable client online self registration and self service appointment scheduling?

One of EZappt’s primary functions is allowing client self registration that captures all the information your organization needs. Once the client has been registered, the organization may make the available schedule accessible to clients for booking purposes. Different organizations often have diverse business models. The EZappt team configures the program to match the needs of the organization and delivers a turnkey solution for online registration and online appointment scheduling.
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Is my information secure and protected?

EZappt was initially built for storage of medical and financial information. As such we utilize individual encrypted databases, hardware and software firewalls and secure servers. Your data is secure. If you choose to have a fully hosted system EZappt utilizes a publicly traded company as our data warehouse provider. The hosted system includes SAS 070 compliant servers housed in a biometrically secured facility. EZappt employs multiple backup schemes based on the needs of the organization.

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Can I track encounter information and view reports?

Beyond online registration and appointment scheduling, many EZappt customers require tracking of information gathered during the encounter. With EZappt information may be collected in multiple fashions based on the needs of the organization. EZappt includes a customizable reporting package that may deliver on demand or on a regularly scheduled timetable.

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Does EZappt integrate with my current software?

EZappt can integrate with most software products via web services. EZappt’s professional services team can manage any integration necessary. Our team has integrated with scores of products and has been highly successful in providing the requested integration.

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Does EZappt support multiple departments and multiple locations?

EZappt specializes in enterprise online appointment scheduling. EZappt software manages appointment scheduling and tracking for multiple state and county governments, a number of large higher education institutions, healthcare companies and other organizations. Many of these organizations operate through multiple departments, often with many locations.

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Does EZappt offer specialized training programs for staff?

EZappt can supply training programs geared to the different types of staff members involved. During the sales process EZappt will provide a suggested training schedule specifically tailored for the organization. The training may be onsite or via web conference. EZappt also includes integrated, indexed video training that may be accessed through most business view pages.

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Is EZappt easy to implement for my organization?

EZappt is easy to deploy and easy to operate for any organization. EZappt reviews all your needs and creates an implementation plan that covers all aspects of service, training and support. Upon approval EZappt makes all the configuration changes necessary for the way your organization operates, brands the product and delivers a turnkey solution. All that is necessary for deployment is inserting a link on your website.

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Can I collect payments and create invoices during the booking process?

Yes, EZappt can offer integrated credit card transactions as part of the booking process. Once completed you may generate an invoice. The invoice may be modified during the encounter as needed.

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Can I schedule appointments with my clients on the phone?

If clients call on the phone you can enter their appointment quickly and easily. If you enter their email address they can get an email confirmation and an email reminder of their appointment.
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How do I get support for technical problems?

One major reason to choose EZappt is our support. From full personalized support for your set up to ongoing technical and training support. If you have a technical problem you can submit an online support request which will be answered within 6 hours, or you may simply call our support by phone for live customer support 8 am to 11pm EST. For enterprise applications you may have 24/7/365 support and a dedicated EZappt support staff member assigned to your account.
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Is the EZappt program available in an installed version?

EZappt most commonly operates from a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. However, some clients require, and EZappt supports, installation of the software on your infrastructure.
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I operate as a single service provider. Can I use EZappt?

Yes. EZappt has a “Light” version that is perfect for independent professionals. EZappt operates like a 24-hour online office staff that can book appointments, accept payments, alert you to each appointment and offer confirmations and reminders to your customers automatically.
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Does EZappt work for event scheduling and class scheduling?

Yes, EZappt is an ideal way for people to sign up for events or classes. EZappt lets you specify how many clients can attend each event or class and even take payments for the events or classes when your clients register.
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What are the software and hardware requirements for EZappt?

If we host the solution for you there is no software for you to buy or install, and no servers to maintain. The only requirements are an Internet connection and a browser-equipped PC.
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Do I have access to my data?

You have 24x7x365 access to your data. All your data is stored and ready for you as long as you are a customer, no matter how long you subscription lasts. If you choose to unsubscribe to the EZappt service, for any reason, we will hold your data for collection by you for an additional 90 days beyond your subscription. Your data will be supplied to you online and via Microsoft products such as Excel.
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Can I limit the number of appointments that a customer may have?

Yes. EZappt allows you to specify the number of active appointments a customer may have at any one time.
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Can I limit client access to a set number of hours prior to the appointment time?

EZappt provides a definable refractory period for scheduling. The refractory period is a rolling time frame just prior to the appointment time in which clients are unable to book. For example, you may want clients to book at least one day out. You may choose to have the refractory period set to 24 hours to be certain that there are no changes to tomorrow’s schedule.
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How can I get started?

You can sign up online, or simply call us toll-free at (866) 878-2778. We'll be happy to assist you and personalize your online scheduler to your business and to the way you operate.
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Is EZappt HIPAA compliant?

Yes, EZappt was initially built to handle the security needs of medical clinics and as such HIPAA compliance is built in from the ground level to the finished product. Our team members have attended multiple HIPAA conferences and we are aware of the latest requirements.
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