Equipment Rental Company Reservation Systems

With EZappt, equipment rental companies are open 24/7 to rent equipment online. If you are in the equipment rental business, online scheduling enables you to let customers book equipment rental time and take deposits online. EZappt allows your equipment rental company to grow faster and operate more efficiently by managing all of your scheduling online.

Rent More Equipment

EZappt online scheduling will help you grow your equipment rental business through capturing online shoppers. When an online shopper books their appointment through your website they are done shopping, they are now your customer! Without online scheduling your website simply can?t rent your equipment online. Turn you website into a powerful sales tool capable of making sales on the spot. In our experience you can experience a double digit increase in sales and actually lower the workload of your staff by utilizing EZappt online scheduling.

An online system to allow customer reservations for equipment and resources.

Online rental equipment management system.

Improve Your Efficiency

Your EZappt online system is like having an online salesperson capable of renting equipment, booking schedules and taking deposits online. Your online salesperson works 24/7 to make sales for your business for just a few dollars a month. The system includes automated online appointment confirmations and reminders that can integrate into Microsoft Outlook for you, your staff and your customers. This translates into keeping more of your equipment in the field and less in you place of business.

Your administrative view of the online schedule can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. From your administrative control panel you can easily book appointments, take deposits, manage the schedule for all your equipment, quickly block out time for equipment that is out for servicing and even manage your staffs schedule online. Your EZappt online scheduler can be customized to your business and provide additional services such as sales receipts and invoices.

EZ to Implement

EZappt professional services gets you up and running quickly the wa you want to do business. EZappt will preload your system with all your equipment data, pricing and schedules. We provide free training for you and your staff via live and archived online video instruction. Once we have set up your equipment and verified the schedules, all you need to do is post a link on your website for you customers to start booking their equipment rentals online.

Contact your EZappt Project Specialist to receive a free custom analysis on taking equipment managment solutions online.

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