Online Appointment Management System for Education

Appointment Scheduling Barriers

Without online appointment scheduling communication barriers block access to appointments.

Students, advisors, faculty, prospective students and vendors that need to schedule appointments internally are struggling with phone, voicemail, email and personal contact to negotiate appointment times. Each of these methods represent logistical barriers to scheduling.

Removing Barriers

EZappt online appointment scheduling removes the communication barriers to internal and external appointment scheduling.

EZappt removes appointment scheduling barriers by providing our web based scheduling management system that allows visibility and accessibility to all parties to view book their appointments 24/7. 

EZappt Campus Suite - Appointment management software for education

Student Appointment Management

  • Online academic advising management solution
  • Online class registration and booking
  • Online tutoring scheduling and management
  • Online scheduling for campus tours
  • Online scheduling for student orientations
  • Online management of parent teacher conferences
  • Confirmations and reminders

Appointment Management Features

  • Online registration
  • Online scheduling
  • Online visit tracking
  • Template based visit documentation
  • Client online payment (optional)
  • Student dashboard
  • Confirmations and reminders

EZappt’s AMS Campus Suite is a universal online appointment management system capable of handling the most rigorous and complex appointments, tracking and integration needs of larger educational institutions.  EZappt's solution allows online registration, and online scheduling of classes, events and appointments interactively. It also provides student flagging, visit tracking and documentation solutions.

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