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Online Management of Drivers Classes

EZappt's driver education class management software simply does everything but teach the class. EZappt online class management solution gives you full control of instructors and class schedules, via an easy to use interface. Client have their own view of the system to register, book classes and pay online.

The EZappt Driving Class Management System is easily deployed as link on your website. Low upfront and ongoing costs of the system make it attractive to almost any school.

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GSA schedule holder for online appointment scheduling software. Contract number GS-35F-0668W

Class Management Features

Scheduling Classes, Instructors, Booking and Payment

  • - Schedule and manage classes online
  • - Choosing and booking classes
  • - Client Online Registration
  • - Client online class booking
  • - Client online payment (optional)
  • - Client and staff instant booking confirmations
  • - Client email or text reminders
  • - Client rescheduling, if needed

During the Class

  • - Instructor attendance taking
  • - Client payments
  • - Instructor issued grades, pass/fail

After the Class

  • - Allowing client access to review their attendance
  • - Tracking of no-shows and reschedules
  • - Rescheduling
  • - Management Reports

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