Customer Flow Managment Dashboard

Simplifying Arrival Management

If business to you involves managing client arrivals, including appointments and walk-in clients, EZappt has the easy business workflow and client management solution for you.

The EZappt dashboard gives the receptionist or manager full view of the live workload. Manage walk-ins and appointments seamlessly with a live view of your clients and your active service providers. You may view the arrived appointment client list, upcoming appointments and walk-in client lists. From the dashboard the receptionist may assign the client to the appropriate available service provider.

Service providers may assist clients, review previous visit information, gather and store visit information, and schedule clients for follow up visits. When they have completed their visit, the service provider marks the visit complete modifying their availability through the dashboard.

Dynamic reception management, client flow management. EZappt supplies reception wait time solutions, queuing and  online appointment scheduling software.

Moving customers at light speed.

Arrival Management Dashboard

Key Features

  • - Appointments and Arrivals
  • - Walk-Ins
  • - Waiting Lists
  • - Service Provider Availability
  • - Assigning Clients
  • - Queue Clients by SMS Text
  • - Queue Clients by Automated Voice
  • - Queue Priority Settings
  • - Client User Interface
  • - Ticket Numbers
  • - Track Encounter Information

Automating Queuing Management

With the EZappt arrival management dashboard you will have access to automated tools for queuing customers once they have arrived. If your arrival management involves very high volumes of clients the EZappt Dashboard may notify clients of an available service provider via SMS text messages to their cell phone, voice alerts via phone or overhead and LED screens. Whichever method(s) you choose the client will be instructed when a service provider is available to see them and which location they should go to.

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