Specialized Solutions

EZappt specializes in one niche; supplying enterprise turnkey customer scheduling, queuing, and visit tracking software solutions. Our Clients have a vast array of business rules, configurations, communications, user interface and other needs that must be provided for. Delivering these individualized solutions to the satisfaction of the customer is our business.

The robust EZappt scheduling, queuing and tracking engine is the heart of the system.

Standardized and customized pages are pulled or created to provide individualized solutions.

Using our methodology, we can provide solutions to meet most any scheduling and queuing need.
scheduling, queuing and tracking software engine
EZappt has extensive experience delivering custom, enterprise scheduling, tracking and queuing software based on the EZappt platform. Contact your EZappt Solutions Representative and receive a free custom analysis on how online scheduling, queuing or tracking solutions can streamline your business.
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