Customized Software Solutions

EZappt customized solutions for scheduling, tracking and client flow management.
EZappt has extensive experience delivering custom, enterprise scheduling, tracking and queuing solutions based on the EZappt platform. Contact your EZappt Solutions Representative and receive a free custom analysis on how online scheduling, queuing or tracking solutions can streamline your business.

Expert Analysis

Take advantage of our free analysis of your scheduling challenge. EZappt will provide a free analysis and cost effective solution that
can be implemented quickly.

Award Winning Design

After a thorough analysis, a detailed plan will be created with timelines and milestones. EZappt supplies a live test environment and training environment for your staff.

Rapid Deployment

EZappt can deploy your system rapidly online with SSL encryption, or you may have the EZappt system installed on your servers. Either way, EZappt can get your system up and operational quickly and efficiently.


EZappt can provide staff training in person or online to efficiently get your staff up to speed. Integrated video training brings new employees up to speed quickly.

Ongoing Support

EZappt provides live ongoing customer support by toll free phone, email, chat and web conference.

Selected Software Solutions

Receive a free custom analysis; how integrated online scheduling, queuing and tracking solutions can streamline your business. Call us today toll free at 888-709-2778

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