Academic Advising Records

A key part of the EZappt academic advising software is the electronic advising record. The advising record system captures key information during the advising interview, assists in creating plans, and follow up instructions. An overview dashboard gives staff a quick snapshot of the student including any alerts that have been triggered along with rapid access to previous visits and details.

Academic Advising Dashboard

The starting point when accessing the academic advising system is the EZappt Dashboard. It gives a quick overview of the student, shows a snapshot view of necessary information, and allows for drill downs to more detailed information. Information that is overviewed commonly includes the following
  • - Current appointments and Previous Visits
  • - The Problem List
  • - Classes and Class Load
  • - Uploaded Supporting Documents
  • - Follow Up Instructions and Referrals
  • - Alerts, Grades, Major, and Credit Hours

Documenting the Interview

Efficient documentation of what happens during the interview leads to creation of a comprehensive overall record that can provide significant insight into the student. Capturing this data must be simple to operate and yet detailed.

Documenting subjective information provided by the student and objective information gathered by the advisor is facilitated by the use of templates. Templates may be created and managed by the institution or by the individual advisor.

Outside supporting documentation can be reviewed and consideration given to have the documentation uploaded into the system.

A plan of action and follow up instructions for the student may also be managed through the use of templates. These documents may be instantly printed for the student, emailed to the student (and other staff members) or accessed by the student through the EZappt advising portal.

Student Self Service

With EZappt documenting the interview can begin when the student books their advising appointment online. During the booking process they may add notes and upload supporting documents for review and possible inclusion by the advisor. Later, the student may access the academic advising system and view details of previous visits and review and print assignments and follow up instructions.

Technology Options

EZappt offers a number of technology options based on the institutions preferences.

EZappt supports integration with student portals via single sign on, SSO technology. The EZappt portal supports advisor posting of their available schedule allowing online booking for students as well as other student friendly features.

Email, SMS text, and/or automated voice appointment confirmation and reminder system.

Integration with current systems such as PeopleSoft Campus, Banner and Blackboard helps to deliver the full spectrum of interactivity in the advising record.

The EZappt Workbench, an arrival management and queuing system. This system optimizes student success centers by managing live queuing for managing appointment and walk-in students.

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