Advanced Patient Flow Management Solutions

Provide the most advanced system to service patients quickly and conveniently. Get patients engaged and keep them informed about everything to make their visit quick and efficient. You can offer some great features such as; online patient registration, self-service appointment management, posting of live clinic wait times in clinic and online, online or kiosk check-ins, matching and queuing of the patient to the best matched provider.

Typical Clinic Flowchart

Major System Features
  • Manages multiple locations, multiple departments, multiple service providers
  • Role based security; create global, regional and local security roles, assign rights and staff
  • High peak volume performance; over 1000 appointments or queues per minute
  • HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant patient scheduling, queuing and communications

Scheduling System
  • Patient self-scheduling; full page or light box and mobile
  • Staff views: supports complex business scheduling rules, work flows
  • Auditing of Appointments
  • Search appointment; create reports "on demand" and scheduled delivery
  • Variable appointment intervals; schedule by staff and qualifications or by service type
  • Refractory periods (rolling blackouts) and blocking with automated alerts
  • Multilingual support (additional setup required)
  • Client Check In - In person, and via kiosk or mobile

Flow System
  • Configurable client statuses (scheduled, arrived, no-show, etc.)
  • Queue patients via digital display, overhead voice, email and text messages
  • Round Robin auto assignment of qualified staff and manual assignment of arrived patients
  • Custom digital display and customized client identification
  • Kiosk and mobile support

Alerts System
  • Alerts available via email, text, automated voice call and digital display
  • Available to Staff and Clients, configurable
  • Live wait time display- overhead, online and mobile
  • Customizable alert content
  • Automated alerts for any scheduling changes

EZappt is able to provide all the customizations you'll need allowing you to service your patients better and gain new online patients. You'll have happier patients and you will have lowered the workload on your staff.

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